Dropkick Murphys Preview New Album With Rebellious Track “Middle Finger”

March 17, 2021

“Dropkick Murphys are getting ready to celebrate a major milestone in their career. On Apr. 30, they are releasing their 10th studio album Turn Up That Dial.

Now, Dropkick Murphys are offering another taste of the forthcoming LP with their rebellious new single “Middle Finger.”

So far, Dropkick Murphys have already offered a few glimpses into Turn Up That Dial. Last year, the band debuted “I Wish You Were Here,” “Smash Shit Up” and “Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding,” all of which appear on their forthcoming LP.

Now, Dropkick Murphys are reminiscing about their younger days in their rebellious new single “Middle Finger.” On the new track, Al Barr sings the tongue-in-cheek lyrics all about learning from the mistakes you made when you were younger.

“Thinking of my younger days, I made things a lot harder for myself than they needed to be,”Ken Casey says. “And still pay for some of those mistakes now.”

For Dropkick Murphys, this 10th studio album holds a lot of meaning for them. Ultimately, Casey hopes Turn Up That Dial will help listeners through the difficult times they may be experiencing.

“On this record, the overall theme is the importance of music, and the bands that made us who we are,” Casey says. “We just hope [the album] takes people’s minds off their troubles. We’re so fortunate and grateful to be in the position to share a little happiness in our own way. Our gratitude levels are off the chart. 25 years ago, somebody bet me 30 bucks I couldn’t form a band with three weeks’ notice to open for his band. As kids, we’d never been out of New England and here we are – we’ve made ten records and have been all over the globe. If there’s a message to this album, it’s ‘put your fist up and play it loud.’”

Turn Up That Dial arrives on Apr. 30 via Born & Bred Records.” -Rachael Dowd Alternative Press

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