Creative Services

Our artists benefit from our creative teams strength, passion, and connectivity to the industries leading tastemakers. We’re on a mission to bring back the personalized creative attention that our clients deserve and our boutique size gives us the agility to realize that goal. From the iconic hits of yesterday, to the future chart toppers of tomorrow, our love for music is at the center of everything we do.

Rights Management

From copyright to royalties, our team strives to ensure our writers copyrights are treated with the utmost care. Maximizing royalty income in all areas and ensuring proper and timely collection is our mantra. At Round Hill, our teams and departments work as one unit, which facilitates that nothing falls through the cracks.

Production Music

The Bosshouse Music and Transphonic Records catalogs offer the best of both worlds in the Production Music Library arena. Bosshouse’s long standing reputation for providing the Film, TV, and Advertising community with high quality, artist driven vocal material in addition to compelling, instrumental, underscore continues to evolve and grow with the ever changing demands and needs of our contemporary visual media.

A team of people

Genuinely dedicated to your success

The core strength of any organization is the people on its team. Simply put, our team rocks!

Our placements are everywhere

Our dedicated pitching and licensing team is truly the gold standard in the business, combining the stellar reputation and trusted experts of ZYNC with the existing accomplished RHM staff. With teams in NY, LA, Nashville, and London, we form one of the largest and most successful sync staff of any publisher. Covering all media from ads and film marketing campaigns to the expansive television landscape and beyond, you won’t find a more skilled, better connected, or artist-friendly team anywhere.

Our ahead-of-the-curve frontline roster is constantly creating new songs to meet the demands of the licensing world, as well as the incredible catalog of classics, we have everything the top creatives need.  With our hands-on creative workforce, we give artists and writers the individual creative attention they deserve to maximize their opportunities and income.

Looking for the perfect song for your next project?