Why You Need To Listen To Cobi

Oct 10

Last year, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Cobi released his debut single “Don’t You Cry For Me,” a powerful song that captured the attention of 26 million people, and a few months later he released the single “Prophet Story.” After multiple performances, including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and festivals such as Lollapalooza and Tinnabulation, Cobi released a much anticipated EP last Saturday (September 15) titled Songs From the Ashes (Pt. 1).

Although the EP consists of just three songs, Cobi quickly establishes it as one that won’t disappoint in the slightest. Immediately he sets the tone for the following songs with the first track “Goddess.” I love the lyrics to this song. They’re familiar without being typical or cliché. He takes an interesting approach, singing about becoming captivated with someone (the familiar aspect. We’ve all heard songs about love), but emphasizes the infatuation with the comparison to a goddess. It’s quite a clever take, and it’s part of what makes the song a memorable one.

The second song, “Nobody Opened the Door,” is a profoundly deep, emotional track, and my favorite off the EP. It offers a nice contrast from the other two songs. It starts off relatively slowly, picking up both musically and emotionally as the song continues. A little over a minute out from the end of the track, it reaches a climax with strong guitar and drum lines, showcasing Cobi’s ability to gracefully integrate multiple genres without losing the integrity of his sound. While he’s already demonstrated his vocal talent, I find that “Nobody Opened the Door” really shows off his vocal range, as well as how soulful and expressive he is vocally.

The final track, “Underneath,” serves as a fitting and strong conclusion. With a little more of a rock vibe and the same prominent musical lines, it gives the EP an aggression and an urgency that accentuates the unique quality of Cobi’s music. What’s interesting about this one is how it also leaves an open end of sorts for what will hopefully soon be part two. It’s like listening to a story with “to be continued…” written at the end.

No matter the type of music you listen to, whether it be rap or classical and everything in between, Cobi provides a style of music that everyone can appreciate. His passion for his art is universal. His swooning vocals and technical skill on guitar are undeniable. The lyrics, deep and meaningful, are relatable. Anyone could say they experienced something similar and find meaning in the songs. If you haven’t already, listen to his music. He is absolutely worth your time.

Cobi will be on tour again this November. You can find his music on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

Julia Humphrey


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