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Oct 13
New Releases

Schmarx & Savvy's "Blueprint" Released As Single By Alternative Hip-Hop Artist Stealing Oceans

Nashville alternative hip-hop artist Brian Thompson, better known by his stage name, Stealing Oceans,  has released “Blueprint” as his newest single. The track, which was co-written and produced by Round Hill Music’s Schmarx & Savvy,...

Aug 04

Exclusive Premiere | Kyd the Band Serve Up a Sweet Brand of ‘Ice Cream’

Nashville is known as Music City, U.S.A., but you don’t hear a lot of alt-pop coming from its famed recording studios. A couple brothers from Northern California are hoping to change that. Kyle and Devin Guisande...

Jul 19

HITS Daily Double Video Of The Week: Kyd The Band's "American Dreamer"

The Triple 8-repped, Music City-based duo, Kyd The Band, released the video for their severely danceable single, “American Dreamer” (Extraction Entertainment), today. The video, part one of a continuing story, finds NorCal natives (and brothers) Kyle andDevin Guisande somewhere...

Jul 17

Gramatik: The Science of Raves

He’s probably one of the best music producers of our time, though not everybody really knows who Gramatik is. Maybe it’s because, from his childhood in Slovenia to his U.S. exile, Denis Jašarević strayed from...