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Mar 22

Omnipresent musician, producer Eric Krasno to play 3S

By Christopher Hislop On Friday, March 17th (yes, St. Patty’s Day), Eric Krasno comes to town for his debut Granite State performance as the Eric Krasno Band at 3S Artspace. Sure, he’s spent all kinds...

Mar 03

The Synth Rockers You Need To Know

Written by Kasey Caminiti Selling out the iconic Bowery Ballroom in one of the biggest music meccas in the world, New York City, is no easy feat. For the three-piece band VHS Collection, they sold...

Feb 27

Justin Moore Celebrates Sixth No. 1 Single

Justin Moore raised a glass to his sixth No. 1, “You Look Like I Need A Drink,” and its songwriters Rodney Clawson, Natalie Hemby and Matt Dragstrem. Fittingly surrounded by a vast selection of beverages at Nashville venue SOUTH, the...

Dec 05

Universal Music Enterprises and Round Hill sign global deal for The Offspring catalogue

Universal Music Enterprises (UMe), the US-based division of Universal Music Group, and Round Hill Records have signed a deal for UMe to become the global distributor of US punk outfit The Offspring’s catalogue, effective immediately.