Royal Teeth – TOUR TIPS [Music Video Premiere for “Amateurs”]

Mar 22

1. Find your home away from home
It’s easy to feel uncomfortable when you’re sleeping in a different place every night. We bring a few comforts with us and it helps a lot. For example, Nora loves to design and works a lot while she is home. She always has her sketchbook by her side and she will find a quiet place at the hotel to work. It helps us stay in a routine that feels comfortable.

2. Explore
I went through a period where I never wanted to explore the city I was in. I only remember the interstate, venue, and maybe a nearby coffee shop. I decided that shortly after I would take any opportunity I had to see a little more of each city I was in. It made a huge difference for me personally. It helped me appreciate what I get to do for a living even more and it made each city a little more memorable.

3. Keep It light
There’s no need to put any extra pressure on yourself while you are outperforming for people every night. We try to keep it fun and light before we go on. We think it loosens the nerves and helps us have a good time on stage. We have a very energetic and upbeat live show so we want people to connect to our positive energy. We will sometimes sing “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness before we go on. That helps take the edge off.

4. Make friends
We have met some really amazing people while touring. Over the years we have crashed at people’s houses, received meals or sweets, and even spent holidays with people we now consider good friends. Royal Teeth has connected us with people from all over and we are really grateful for that.

5. Stop and smell the roses
I remind myself how lucky I am a lot. When I was in high school my dream was to travel and make music for a living. I am living that dream. Now I am older and my dreams have grown but I like to remind myself that this could be my last tour, so enjoy it. Longevity is very difficult to achieve in this line of work. I’m going to make the time I have left count.

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