Round Hill Music Signs Iceland’s Bloodgroup

May 29

Round Hill Music (RHM) are excited to announce that they have upgraded their current roster artist, Bloodgroup, from a sync-rep-only deal to a co-publishing deal. The Icelandic quartet have carved a swathe through their homeland’s music-loving scene with their icy, shimmering LP, “Tracing Echoes,” and garnered further attention for being featured in an award-winning documentary by London filmmaker, Natalie Wallrapp, also titled Tracing Echoes.

“The RHM team is ecstatic to be taking our relationship with Bloodgroup to the next level. Their arresting, filmic songs are the result of a truly unique talent set; we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.”
– Mallory Zumbach, Sr. Director, Creative

Following on the heels of a well-received debut, their second album “Dry Land” was hailed by homeland critics as one of the finest albums of 2009, and awarded the Icelandic equivalent of the Mercury prize, the Kraumur award. The band toured the album relentlessly over the next two years, taking their widescreen stage show to SXSW in Texas, NXNE in Toronto, Roskilde in Denmark, CMJ in New York, Eurosonic in the Netherlands, and, of course, Iceland Airwaves.

n 2012, they returned to the studio, full of new ideas and more ambitious than ever. Now the results are here in an album that will perhaps be considered their magnum opus. “Tracing Echoes,” is a highly-developed mixture of majestic ballads, grinding beats, and a pop single or three for good measure.

This simmering set of electro, pop, and dance music has drawn positive early comparisons to groundbreaking acts such as The Knife and Portishead, but Bloodgroup’s combination of sharp songwriting and crystalline production is entirely their own. The UK’s Guardian newspaper said of the single, “Fall”: “perhaps where Bloodgroup stand apart from their influences is in their big pop melodies – for all their sonic experimentation, it’s the gorgeous rush of the final chorus that makes the song soar”.

– About the documentary, Tracing Echoes –

Tracing Echoes is a poetic short documentary by Natalie Wallrapp, a London-based director. Away from a conventional music video or documentary, Tracing Echoes is a cinematic piece capturing the beautiful Icelandic landscapes underlined with epic electronic music and majestic melodies by Bloodgroup. The interviews with the quartet are focusing on experiences, fears, and faiths with their immediate environment-the nature as source of inspiration for their music. The film won two awards for Best Documentary at film festivals in the US and the UK 2014.

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