GRAMATIK, the World’s First “Crypto-Artist”… by SingularDTV

Oct 24

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV

“Blockchain technology is pretty much the only thing that gives me hope for the future.” — Gramatik
When David Bowie launched “Bowie Bonds” in 1997, I thought it was the most awesome thing I’d ever heard — aside from his music — monetizing his future royalties and sharing them with the public! He raised $55 million dollars doing it.

The fact that those people purchasing Bowie’s future royalties were primarily from the financial services industry was slightly off-putting. It was an “insider thing”. I doubt many diehard Bowie fans outside of Wall Street participated in buying his bonds. I wanted to but I didn’t know the first thing about Wall Street!

It’s no surprise SingularDTV is getting together with Gramatik, the internationally groundbreaking, genre-fusing, electronic dance musician, DJ and indie producer. He’s picking up where David Bowie left off, and together he can do with SingularDTV what David Bowie probably always intended, to share his creations with the world — his fans — in a much more meaningful way than was ever possible before.

I’ve been a big fan of Gramatik for years. I discovered his music at about the same time I discovered Bitcoin. For anyone that knows him understands the movement of decentralization and the ethos behind his music go hand-in-hand. If you’re a fan, then you may have heard him speaking passionately in interviews about how he catapulted to international stardom through peer-to-peer file sharing — bittorrent — or heard him preach about all the things that are wrong with the music industry… the gatekeepers… the intermediaries… I’ve never met an artist with such a “decentralizing” mindset. He gets it, so much so I didn’t really need to explain the concept of SingularDTV to him. His was already there. And his management team at C3 were right behind him. I told them about the applications we’re building, they asked a few questions about how it all worked, synergy abounded, and the rest is about to be crypto-history…
Gramatik is the first “Crypto-Artist” to launch with SingularDTV in the coming weeks along with our first apps, artists and projects. We‘ve seen a lot of proclaimed “firsts” in the blockchain world regarding entertainment, but none of them have materialized. But with Gramatik it’s not hype, it’s real, he’ll be utilizing several SingularDTV apps, from generating the GRMTK token with Tokit and administering his token launch with LaunchPad, to putting his content on his own channel with our peer-to-peer distribution portal, EtherVision. All throughout, he’ll have complete control over his expression and his rights, royalties and revenue.

“I’ve been waiting for a platform like SingularDTV to come out that utilizes blockchain technology to cut out the gatekeepers and middlemen. I just want to release my own music whenever I want, on my own terms. I want to get rid of all that bureaucracy. I just want to make music. Living in a world that’s owned by banks and corporations, blockchain technology is pretty much the only thing that gives me hope for the future.”