Marie Danielle

Marie Danielle is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Harrisburg, PA now based in LA by way of NYC. Her dark and clever songwriting connects to audiences with its naked honesty about love, loss and addiction. The spare and unique arrangement of her music gives depth and a twist to these tales of longing. Within a year of her first live show, Marie was touring throughout the US and Europe. Before her debut record was even released, her song ‘One of My Kind’ was featured on an episode of Showtime’s series ‘Billions.’

Marie had played her songs in private until a brush with death in a violent domestic relationship lent her the courage to reach out to an artist she greatly admires, Simone Felice. Marie sent her demos to this founding member of the internationally acclaimed Catskill Mountain based Felice Brothers, whose seminal self-titled album remains one of the most influential works of this century's indie folk revival. Simone and Marie started a cross country collaboration when he recognized the magic of her songs from the first one he heard, ‘Tinseltown’.

Soon after, Marie and her friend Christian Wargo, of the folk band Fleet Foxes, left LA for Woodstock, NY to begin recording with Simone and his production partner David Baron. What started as an EP grew into a full length record – Hustler, featuring Felice, Wargo and even the original lineup of The Felice Brothers who back Marie up for the first single ‘Soldier’, a travelling song to which they lend their barroom swagger. Hustler, which has been called ‘Intoxicating’ ( and ‘Spectacular’ (Ear to The Ground Music) also includes a cinematic cover of Conor Oberst’s ‘White Shoes’.

The Felice Brothers, Fleet Foxes and Conor Oberst - Marie found herself among some of her primary songwriting influences. But the real highlight for her was having Simone Felice at the producer’s helm, helping write and shape the record. They transformed the title track ‘Hustler’ from stripped down California-country into something sultrier with haunting accordion and big, lush guitars. The record then came together in the same way, displaying a shadowy side of Americana. Just after finishing Hustler, Felice would go on to produce and co-write The Lumineers’ highly anticipated sophomore release Cleopatra, which would release at #1 in the US and UK.


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