John Hampson

John Hampson is a singer/songwriter, founding member of the band nine days, and the writer of their #1 hit song, "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)", which dominated the airwaves in the summer of 2000. The band’s major label debut, The Madding Crowd (Epic Records), was certified gold that year, and spawned a follow up hit single (also penned by John) "If I Am", which reached number 18 on the alternative charts.

After independently releasing a few solo albums in the late 2000s, John reformed nine days and they put out their 10th album, Snapshots (Digitally Sound Records), this past July. For the album, John spent a lot of time in Nashville working with some acclaimed writers; Zac Maloy on “Snapshots”, Phil Barton and John’s partner in the band, Brian Desveaux, on “Greenlight”.; Bruce Wallace on “Conspiracy, and Joe West and Brian Desveuax on “My So Called Perfect Life”.

"The Nashville experience has been amazing, "says John, "I still love sitting down with my guitar and letting songs just come out on their own, but there is something really cool about sitting in a room with creative people and pushing each other to come up with something great."

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