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Critically-acclaimed for both their albums and live shows, electronic quartet Bloodgroup have been rattling venues with their huge, thumping beats and melting hearts with their melodies all over the world since they first started on the east coast of Iceland, winter 2006.

The four-piece band is known for sensational live shows, their captivating melodies and powerfully crafted brand of electronic music. Bloodgroup released their debut album, "Sticky Situation", in November 2007. The album was very well received, and Bloodgroup were considered as one of the most interesting bands in Iceland following its release.

Bloodgroup's second album, "Dry Land", was released in Iceland on December 2nd 2009. It has been one of the most successful albums in Iceland since its release, praised by critics and the first single, My Arms, has done extremely well on Icelandic radio. "Dry Land" received the Icelandic independent "Kraumur" Album awards, 3 nominations for the Icelandic music awards and has been called "the best album of the year" by most critics in Iceland.

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