Animal Years

Brooklyn’s Animal Years brings a fresh face to indie roots rock. With influences ranging from early Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, Young The Giant, The Wallflowers,  to The Avett Brothers, Animal Years is driven by Mike McFadden’s crisp vocals and magnetic poise,  featured on their debut record, Sun Will Rise.

Free-wheeling, feel-good melodies and smooth ringing guitars shine on Sun Will Rise.  From the glorious opening track and first single, “Meet Me” to rockabilly closer, “Walking Slow,” the quartet delivers indie rock with grace.   Title track “Sun Will Rise” blossoms with  country/folk tinges, and  dancy “Forget What They’re Telling You” crescendos with impassioned vocals and guitar strums.  Sun Will Rise showcases the delicacy and introspection behind songwriting and draws on the strengths of McFadden’s seasoned voice and multi-instrumental abilities.

Mike McFadden (lead vocals, guitar, and banjo), who adopted the  moniker Animal Years to  break out of the solo singer/songwriter category, is backed by Anthony Saladino (bass), Anthony Spinnato (drums), and Matt Indellicati (guitar).  McFadden released 3 solo albums while living in Baltimore, MD, before moving to New York in October 2012. When McFadden moved to Brooklyn, he recruited  former bandmate Saladino, and newcomers Spinnato and Indellicati to flesh out his sound at live shows.

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