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What began as an experimental sound collage project for Paige Brubeck's art-school classes quickly bloomed into a full-on rock oddity when Brubeck and collaborator Evan Sult (ex-Harvey Danger, Bound Stems) took their experiments from the tape recorder to the practice space. Interlacing field recordings of Chicago's El train, Wicker Park street poets, and street hubbub within Sult's crashing drum parts and Brubeck's knack for '60s harmonies and noisy guitars, the duo took what they'd learned from Pavement and The Beatles, Judy Garland and The Fall, and hit the studio.

Two self-released EPs led to a full-length LP, Infinity City (Euclid Records) in 2011. On their forthcoming release, Projection Room (Euclid Records), the band stays true to their love of dirty guitars, dreamy vocals and city sounds, and the songs progress like a collection of short stories.

Sleepy KittySleepykitty
Sleepy Kitty Sleepykitty

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