Gerard McMahon

In writing, singing & creating the masterpiece "Cry Little Sister" as the theme song to the now classic film "THE LOST BOYS," GERARD McMANN hit a deep & provocative nerve in his career as both a recording artist & live performer.

Only thing was, when the film released in 1987, he was fed up with the music scene's "business" and stopped touring. He then changed his name to G TOM MAC as a result of no one ever pronouncing his real name correctly.

Born in Birmingham, England, Gerard spent his early years listening to The Beatles, David Bowie & Stevie Wonder. “I was inspired by various pop and R&B artists at an early age.” His family moved from England to New York City when Gerard was 11 and then a few years later moved to the Midwest. “When I was there I started learning guitar and the bass and realizing I had a voice, I started a band which played in clubs all over the Midwest.”

G TOM MAC went on to write songs for legendary artists Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltrey of The Who, KISS, Carly Simon Chicago, The Spinners, The Temptations as well as an array of contemporary Hip Hop artists, such as Ice Cube, KC & Jojo, Digable Planets and Eminem started to cover G Tom Mac's songs. G Tom Mac earned a Grammy on Eminem’s "RECOVERY" album in which Eminem sampled him in the song “You’re Never Over”.

Having had songs in over 50 films including Chasing Amy, Banger Sisters, No Way Home & more than 100 TV shows including Vampire Diaries, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory that continue to license G Tom Mac's music, it all adds up to in his words "staying fresh and being true to my fans in creating music that they feel from me. That's my thrill!"

With over 25 million YouTube plays & 6 album releases, G Tom Mac as a songwriter & artist continues to thrive in his chameleon world.

11 feb 2012- gerardNEW-WEB-GERARD
11 feb 2012- gerard NEW-WEB-GERARD