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Chris Moore is probably best known for pounding drums in the influential and legendary hardcore/punk quartet ; Negative Approach . He is also a multi-instrumentalist and a gifted and prolific , award - winning songwriter ( Metro-Times/Detroit Monthly Songwriter of the year 1992,1993 and 1994, Abe Olman scholarship 2000 and Musician's Atlas/ Border's Books runner-up 2005 ).. Moore relocated to Brooklyn in 1997 , and has collaborated , recorded and performed with a number of very wide-ranging artists , composed and performed in off-Broadway theatre, played with Japan's avant-garde 77 drum (as a drummer ).. and all the while Moore has released 8 records on his Drawing Room label , drawing from a soulful and edgy blend of folk, rock, pop and blues.." Harmless Blues" will be his 9th , out January 27

Chris MooreMooreSons1cd cover nov 13
Chris Moore MooreSons1
cd cover nov 13

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