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Stephen Phillips and Tim P, collectively known as Bosshouse Music, haven’t had much time to look back since their partnership with Round Hill Music was cemented June 1, 2014.

Coming into the partnership, Tim and Stephen brought their 14 years of Bosshouse songwriting, composing, and business experience to the Round Hill joint venture. Round Hill, then just four years old contributed phenomenal and vast publishing experience, a great artist roster and capital, along with a dedicated and creative sync team.

Bosshouse is currently rounding the corner on their 14th songwriting collaboration as members of the Round Hill songwriting roster.
Tim and Stephen have created amazing tracks with Lola Lennox and Charlie Midnight, Lindsey Lee Taylor, Desi Valentine and Dean Ray from Australia. Other co-writes include Queen Elizabeth, Richard Walters, and Sophie Delilah; all From the UK. Another great one came in their collaboration with New York's own Ryan Shaw. In addition to these artist co-writes, the guys have also written and produced just over 200 new tracks for the Bosshouse / Round Hill joint venture catalog.

All of these collaborations have happened right alongside the duo scoring several episodic TV shows including Bravo's second ever scripted series "Odd Mom Out" and Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's hilarious series "Con Man." Not to mention a now full 2016 pilot scoring schedule.

To date, the composing duo have over 400 (and counting) episodes of television scores under their belts.

Stephen recently branched out and scored two animated Minion Movie Shorts in addition to the Minion Movie advertising campaign for Universal Studio's Illumination Entertainment while one of Tim’s self penned songs from his touring days, “Baptize Me On Elvis Presley’s Grave” was recently covered by country artist Danny Click and charted at number 9 on the NMW National Country Radio Chart.

Some current placements from their Bosshouse catalog (which has been managed by Amy Roberts since 2007) include over 39 uses in season six of the Showtime series “Shameless” along with recent placements in CW’s “REIGN” and the hit Netflix series “Grace and Frankie” to name a few.

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