HITS Daily Double Video Of The Week: Kyd The Band’s “American Dreamer”

Jul 19

The Triple 8-repped, Music City-based duo, Kyd The Band, released the video for their severely danceable single, “American Dreamer” (Extraction Entertainment), today.

The video, part one of a continuing story, finds NorCal natives (and brothers) Kyle and Devin Guisande somewhere in suburbia experiencing the American dream in two opposing capacities. The juxtaposition implies that having everything means nothing if you can’t share it with someone, while having nothing can be everything if you do.

The song went wide two weeks ago, notably garnering early love from SiriusXM Alt Nation‘s Advance Placement.

Look below to check out the video, which underscores a surprisingly appropriate visual narrative for a playful millennial love song, and stay tuned for the next installment, as well as updates on the pair, who are fresh off supporting rapper NF on his Therapy Session Tour.